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Features and benefits:

1. If your home is burglarized, thieves can’t take what they can’t find.

2. You get quick access to your and personal items with a 3 digit combination lock.

3. Our safes are constructed of high-quality made in the USA steel.

4. Finished with high quality powder coated paint for long life.

5. The steel door has a three-point locking system for added security.

6. Our safes are easy to install with full video & reading instructions.

7. Our magnetic item holders let you configure your valuables anyway you want.

8. Different colored picture & mirror frames are available.

Quality Gun Safes

Hi there my name is Frank Dutra and I am the owner of Hubzone Manufacturing which is where our team designed as well as produce the hidden from view Gun Safes. Quality safes are meant to be fire safe and good locks are very important.

The idea to create this Gun Safes transpired due to being a Law enforcement agent in a major metropolitan city where gun fire by bad people is a common occurrence. I observed again and again home break-ins where robbery victims lost their valuables. It is very common for a thief to break into gun cabinets even safe with electronic lock.

Across the United States there are approximately 2.5 million burglaries per year or 1 robbery every 13 seconds. In fact, since you started reading this website somebody just became a victim of a break-in.

Based on my personal experiences and records from the department of justice, I developed this specific gun safes with elements to combat the most common residential burglaries.

The simple facts are that 85% of break-ins are carried out by men below the age of 25. They are seeking out valuables which they can resell quickly. This includes things like rifles, money, jewelry, laptop computers, cameras, IPODS as well as various other items that hold more than enough market value that these individuals can convert right into cash money on the very same day that they execute the robbery. All these pieces fit very well into a backpack in which they can just walk away with unnoticed.

If you've at any time been a victim of a break-in you will remember that the police officer told you that they would do everything feasible in order to get your stuff back and that police officer was telling you the truth. The officers would like to get your belongings back and put criminals behind bars.

The truth of the matter is that... by the time you come home from work and call the police, your items have already been sold off by the burglar and turned into cash typically for drugs.

I have actually analyzed surveillance videos in order to identify patterns in burglaries and used that knowledge in order to create a wallsafe which will keep your valuables secure from robbers.

Police are strapped and investigating home burglariers calls for a lot of resources. As a result, across the united states, just 13% of burglaried are actually cleared. Which means that there is an 87% probability that you could never see your items again unless you take preventative measures to safeguard your valuables.

For some victims, the psychological impact of knowing that someone was actually in your home stealing your stuff can be unnerving. Lots of victims have trouble going to sleep at night as they feel that perhaps the individual will be back. Many will question if their gun will be used in a crime and someone will be hurt or even killed. Even the theft of an IPAD will certainly place you in danger of having your identity stolen which in turn adds insult to injury.

Our Wall Gun Safes are truly designed to keep you from becoming a victim. These are actually Made in America by Americans. We use American made steel in order to manufacture a secure safe for you to keep one step ahead of burglars.

Quality Gun Safes are meant to be fire safe and good locks are very important.

The door is actually made from 3/16 thick steel so that it can not be twisted or pried open with common burglary tools. The door is secured with a 3 point locking system that is locked with a combination lock.

Installing our product is a very simple, you can acquire the proper tools & hardware at your local store.

I studied each of the wallsafes that are on the market and not any of them will provide you the protection that this one will and none of them can truly say "MADE IN USA".

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