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Features and benefits:

1. If your home is burglarized, thieves can’t take what they can’t find.

2. You get quick access to your and personal items with a 3 digit combination lock.

3. Our safes are constructed of high-quality made in the USA steel.

4. Finished with high quality powder coated paint for long life.

5. The steel door has a three-point locking system for added security.

6. Our safes are easy to install with full video & reading instructions.

7. Our magnetic item holders let you configure your valuables anyway you want.

8. Different colored picture & mirror frames are available.

Hi... Thanks for visiting Hubzone Gun Safe Manufacturing. Our major focus is the manufacturing of precision made parts which are used in the Defense Industry, Medical Sector and the Commercial Space.

We are passionate in all 3 of these industries although there is a 4th industry which is dear to my heart... is the residential gun safe industry right here in Missoula MT 

Our passion for producing a high quality, impossible to get into gun safes, stems from the many years I have worked as a law enforcement officer in a sizable metropolitan city.

Too many times I've investigated house robberies where unsecured fire arms were taken, and in some cases the exact gun or rifle was retrieved by the police only after the gun was used to commit a crime.

The Owners of the Firearms Were Devastated.

In a few cases, under certain circumstances, the firearm owner was held partly responsible for not securing their weapons appropriately.

Having your weapon taken from your house is one thing, however having your pistol or rifle discovered by a curious boy or girl is unforgivable.

We have all heard the dreadful stories of innocent children unintentionally shooting themselves or another child with a gun that they should never have had the ability to get ahold of.

Because of the 2 situations above ...
1: A person burglarizing your residence and stealing your gun.
2: Curious kids finding and getting ahold of an unprotected firearm.

This is specifically why I became passionate about designing and manufacturing
"Hidden From View Wall Gun Safes"

What was I looking for in a good wall safe?

1st, I new I wanted the safe to be hidden: Too many times the robber just carried away the safe that was in plain sight.

Next, I really wanted it to be easily accessible: When ever you are in a crisis situation you want to be able to get access to your gun as quickly as possible. Needing to access hidden panels under stairwells or inside of furniture really did not make sense to me.

I also wanted it to be really tough and have a door and locking system which could not be forced open.

And finally, I wanted the product to be made from American made steel and produced right here in the United States.

So here is what we came up with ...

We have developed and produced 3 different kinds of walls safes.

1. Our Picture Frame Wall Safe is ideal for quick access and storage of 1 or 2 pistols along with ammo and or gun clips ... Clearly these concealed from sight wall safes are not just for storing weapons, many of our recent clients purchase our safes for holding jewelry, money, important legal documents, prescription medicines, etc.
2. Our popular Full Length Mirror Wall Safe allows you to not only store several hand guns but it is a perfect fit for your large firearms ... rifles, shotguns and boxes of ammunition, handgun ammunition clips, rifle magazines, and much like the picture frame wall safe, it's perfect for keeping jewelry, money, important documents, prescription medications and a lot more.
3. Our Third wall safe is for the budget minded as well as the individual that does not require as high of security with their safe. This safe has a key locking system rather than our patent pending combination lock system that our Picture Safes and Mirror Safes have. This safe is great for important documents, jewelry, cash, prescription drugs, etc. Just do not lose the key. This safe is still produced with Top quality American Made Steel.

Gun Safes & Wall Safe Features and Benefits:

1. All of our Wall Safes are designed to be out of the sight of thieves, to make sure that they will move on to other less important items.
2. Although a few of our family members including our kids may know the location of the gun safe, our patent pending 3 point combination lock system features 2 hefty metal rods that pass through the top and bottom of the safe and will certainly keep anybody from getting into the safe when locked properly.
3. Both our Picture Frame Hidden From View Wall Safe and our Full Length Mirror Gun Safe have a quick and easy to open 3 digit combination lock and a full 3/16 steel plate door that can not be bent opened.
4. Every one of our safes are produced from high quality american made steel and are fabricated right here in United States.
5. All Safes are Powder Coated Finished for high durability.
6. Each of the accessories are set up having high power magnets connected to them that allows you to locate the accessory anywhere you want inside the safe. The magnet system is designed to never wear out, in contrast to many of the velcro systems that are on the market.
7. Our Safes are literally connected to the stud wall structure of your home. So a thief would need to tear the wall down to steal your safe.
8. Every safe comes with full written installation instructions along with video instructions for all you "Do It Your Self Folks", or your local handyman can have it installed in a snap.
9. The Mirror safe comes in 2 depth sizes, one size to fit a 2x4 stud wall and 1 to fit a 2x6 stud wall. The Picture Safes and Medium Security Wallsafe come in 1 depth size to fit a 2x4 wall. Full Safe Dimensions Below.
10. All safes have a number of frame colors for you to choose from which will match your home decor.

Picture Frame Hidden from View Wallsafe:

Interior dimensions: 3.75 ″ D x 14.125 ″ W x 12 ″ H for conventional 2" x 4" construction.

Full Length Mirror Concealed from View Wall Safe:

Interior dimensions: 3.75 ″ D x 14.125 ″ W x 50 ″ H for standard 2" x 4" construction.
Interior dimensions: 5.63" D x 14.125" W x 50" H for 2" x 6" construction.

Medium Security Wallsafe:

Interior dimensions: 3.75" D x 14.125" W x 12" H for basic 2" x 4" construction.


If you are a gun owner in Missoula Montana, the most responsible thing you can do is keep you guns as safe as possible. The 2 most important situations you need to prevent is having your gun taken by a criminal as well as allowing you're gun to be discovered by a curious kid.
In each cases your life may change forever if the unthinkable takes place.

The most effective way in order to keep this from taking place is to lock your guns up. And ideally, lock them up in a location where they are never visible to anyone.

But, you do want them easily accessible at a moments notice. And that's where a Hidden From View Wall Gun Safe in the form of a wall hung picture or a full length dressing mirror comes in handy.

You can have them in very convenient a noticeable locations, and no one recognizes they are there. They are quick to get into the moment the need arises.

Leaving your residence with your weapons 100% secure is peace of mind which can not be bought.